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Monday, November 8, 2010


I just noticed youtube is taking a little while to process the videos, I promise I uploaded them before I linked to them in the previous just may take an hour for Youtube to process them!

Playing the drums!

Since fall is upon us, we are starting to spend more time downstairs in the family room by the warm fire!  It's because of this that Maggie realized sissy has a drum set!  And...she loves the drums! Here are two short videos of her playing....... :) far!

Ok...halloween pictures are to follow...later I promise! the meantime here are pictures leading up to Halloween!  My little munchkin is growing SO MUCH!  She is completely into 2T pants...and needs 3T shirts or they are not long enough!
Words she is saying now:  Uh oh shit (it usually sounds like sit but i know what she is saying...OOOoops...she is slowly not saying it as much!)

SisSis = Sissy
want to read
baby sleeping
baby crying
No and Nonono
And random phrases throughout the day that I can't get her to repeat again but she is definitely copying what she hears! like...gona get you, door closed...

she consistently makes the sign for all done! And uses it appropriately throughout the day not just when eating. She LOVES to read and build puzzles. 

 We got the Halloween goodies out pre-halloween and Maggie LOVED the witch's hat!!!

It's a little blurry but she is SO cute in the outfit!

 Maggie loves the little couch that Christine gave to us when she was moving.....Ringo does too!
 Look closely at the ornery grin, this was right before she tried to crawl under the bathroom stall to peek at her sissy! 
 What she makes my living room look like on a daily basis!
 First go with either Ketchup or Barbecue sauce!

 Her favorite cabinet in the kitchen!

Summer 2010

My bff Amanda informed me (several weeks ago actually) that I was WAY behind on posting things to the blog.  Well she was right.  My only excuse...summer...a new cell phone...and a toddler! :) I guess that's more than any rate... here are the hodge podge of pics from this summer.  Fun playing on boxes at daddy's work, playing at the playground with sissy, the water fountains at Little Buffalo state park....and adventures in eating!