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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Cowgirl Hailey

Well it's that time of the year in our house...birthdays for our girls!  I admit, I was a bad mom and didn't get any pictures at maggie's birthday...shameful.  But I did manage to get some for Hailey's! 

We had a Brisco County Jr (its an old tv series)....Cowboy/Cowgirl themed party!  Hailey was in full character and loved the entire day!!  I made bandanas for the kids to wear, and we got the girls holsters and play guns and hats.  Made our own decorations and the cake/cupcakes.  

Cowgirl menu: 
Texas Caviar and scoops
Pork and Beans
Fried red potatoes and onions
Chuckwagon Stew
Biscuits, Sour Dough, and corn bread
Red Velvet cowgirl cake with butter cream icing
Funfetti CupCakes with butter cream icing

Had so much fun decorating, making the goodie bags, baking and decorating the cakes.  Rob prepped and made most of the food! YUM it was a super fun and great day!! :) 

 My decorated much fun :)

Cowgirl Hailey!
 Yes...a great smile!!
 Dylan pushing the stroller

 Hailey's WANTED wall.

 My cupcakes with home made toothpick decorations!

Shorts from Grandma!
 Hand Made Apron from Grammy Char with bags and bags of baking mixes!

 More clothes from Grandma

 Ellie playing
 Dylan and Maggie at the point I snapped the picture both eyed up the bottle. Lovely!

 Ellie reading a book to her baby sister Josie

ALL of the kids LOVED the the tune of seconds!


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