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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it worked!

Ok, I've figured out how to send pictures I take or short 30 second videos from my cell phone to blogspot.  So IF you don't have a facebook account or care to make one....that's ok.  Now I know how to send things here.  YAY what did we ever ever do without technology?!?! :) LOVE it.

Okay...i've been slacking

Yes, I've been busy and slacking off on putting pictures up.  Plus it's so much easier just to send them straight from my phone to facebook!  So for those of you who don't have facebook....get a facebook! :) are a few of maggie playing ball AND sitting like a big girl in the rocking chair Tie got me.

And yes, I know she needs some type of a haircut.  I've just been dreading it!  Not sure where to go, or how to cut it. Especially not sure how she is going to handle it or how mommy is going to get her to sit long enough for one!