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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm not giving you dirty looks.....

So after a lovely day Sunday taking care of household things and visiting with friends and family, Rob Hailey Maggie and I finished off the day with chicken on the grill.  Then Hailey played for a short while.  The time for the bed time bath routine since it was a school night.  When she got out of the shower I promptly instructed her to pick up a few things she had left strewn on the living room.  Somewhere in that process I mentioned she was going to have to go to bed then since it was already almost 8:30.  

And so the dirty looks ensued.  I finally jokingly told her that I knew how to do them too and proceeded to give her a funny dirty look from across the room.  So then she went to go brush her teeth as her dad asked her to do.  He followed behind her.  She continued to give me looks!  Robert asked, why are you giving michelle those dirty looks anyway....

to which my wonderful 7 year old kid all me...
I'm not giving you dirty looks, I'm tryingggg to tell you something with my eyes.....

hehe pretty darn funny if you ask me! 

I of course told her I didn't read her eyes very well and wanted her translation.  She then chimed to her dad in the bathroom that I had promised she could play with the dogs and now she had to go to bed so I lied.  

Kids never forget a thing and keep you on your toes that is for sure.  But he told her that maybe next time she'd pick up things as she went along during the day and then would have time before bed next time to play with the dogs.

Thanks to the hubby for that good parenting moment and backing up mommy!!! :)


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