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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pictures from the last week and soon...videos

Okay, here are a few pictures I just pulled off the camera card.  A couple from the past week and a few from the baltimore aquarium.  It was hard to hold her, keep her from falling, get her attention, and take pictures while there....and since Erin had her two girls her hands were full as well. ya go!  I'm uploading videos to youtube now and will publish those soon! I promise! :)  If you ever want originals of these (they are larger in size) please let me know.  I haven't edited them either so if there is red eye...SORRY!

Love Michelle..and Maggie!

Playing ball with daddy.......

Sitting in her rocking chair...look how big my little girl looks!.......

A fun time at the Baltimore Aquarium....

as you can see....telling her to look at me and stand still rather than walk to me....wasn't working out so well!


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